No.3 Sea Fort

Frequently occurred marine accidents

The No.3 sea fort have been collapsed by sea waves, and became a reef like.

And, since the No.3 sea fort is in contact with the Uraga Waterway route, in the nearby water area not only stranding accidents but also accidents in which ships attempting to avoid the fort collide with another ships.

Major marine accidents

There are 15 major marine accidents that occurred in Tokyo Bay during the 26 years from 1974 to 2000 when the Tokyo Bay maintenance project started.  11 accidents of them were related to the No.3 sea fort, and this means that the sunken No. 3 sea fort was a major cause of marine accidents in Tokyo Bay entrance.

Showa 50 Nov. 29th (1975)

C gou (74,512G/T) guided by a route guard ship collided with roundhaul fishing boat I Maru. The roundhaul fishing boat I Maru capsized and 22 crew members were thrown into the sea, but all were rescued.

Showa 53 Sept. 21st (1978)

U.S. warship L (7,800D/T) sailing south on Uraga waterway stranded on the No.3 sea fort. Its fuel tank was damaged and a very small amount of heavy oil spilled.

Showa 58 Oct. 19th (1983)

Tanker E-maru (328G/T) stranded on the No.3 sea fort.

Showa 60 Dec.10th (1985)

US Navy warship R (3,900D/T) which was on the way back to Yokosuka Navy Base and freighter S (3,300G/T) collided near No.5 buoy on Uraga Waterway, and 50 kl of heavy oil spilled from a warship.

Show 63 July 23rd (1988)

The Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine “Nadasio” (2,250D/T) collided with the recreational fishing boat “Daiich Fujimaru” (154G/T). The recreational fishing boat “Daiichi Fujimaru” sank and 28 passengers and 2 crew members were dead.

Heisei 1 Aug.3rd (1989)

Automobile carrier S (41,600G/T) and freighter S-maru (495G/T) collided and there another automobile carrier T-maru (1,674G/T) and cargo ship T (1,045G/T) collided one after another.

Heisei 2 March.27th (1990)

Cargo ship O (3,100G/T), which was sailing south on the Uraga Waterway, stranded on the No.3 sea fort.

Heisei 2 April 24th (1990)

Freighter F Maru (500G/T) and freighter S (2,800G/T), which are sailing south on Uraga Waterway, stranded one after another on the No.3 sea fort.

Heisei 5 Oct.13th (1993)

A freighter N (7,305G/T) sailing south on Uraga Waterway stranded on the No.3 sea fort.

Heisei 6 Aug.22nd (1994)

Cargo ship R Maru (689G/T), which is sailing south on Uraga Waterway, stranded on the No.3 sea fort.